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The Foundation for Animal Life (FundaVidan) is an environmental and ecological nonprofit NGO legally born on January 12th, 2006 in Acarigua, State of Portuguesa, Venezuela.

Due to the alarming amount of animals abandoned in our country (it is estimated at over 200.000 per year and increasing), a group of people with similar ideals of justice and welfare, join forces to apply the knowledge and efforts to provide better quality of life for animals, defend them from abuse, influence the enactment of laws for their defense, preservation and well-being, as well as, create awareness that the quality of life of animals and plants is an ethical responsibility and moral duty to this and future generations of humans, and that life is respected in all its manifestations as the most precious gift God has given us.

Today, after ten years of struggle, efforts, tears but also of satisfaction, we can say for the glory of God that FundaVidan has a good image in the community, has a presence in three municipalities in Portuguesa state: Guanare, Araure and Páez (Acarigua) where it has its main centre, owns the infrastructure -second floor currently in construction- and provide professional veterinary medical services with three vets, two in the clinical area and one surgeon and two vet assistants, one accountant -all this staff paid by FundaVidan-; a part-time driver, a veterinarian and other administrative assistant paid by the company Asfaltos Portuguesa, SA and a lawyer paid by the Municipality of Páez. Non remunerated volunteer work includes the directive board, three lawyers and of course 25 active collaborators in Venezuela (one of whom is a specialist in wildlife) and four abroad: two in Colombia, one in Panama and one in Ecuador.

In the veterinary medical area, treats annually an average of 1,500 small animals, about 15 cases of wildlife in preventive and curative consultations, sterilizes on average 400 animals, 65% of dogs and 35% felines, gives in responsible adoption averaging 60 animals, maintains and fully cares for 160 dogs and 80 cats rescued from the streets, abandoned or ill (to regain health until they get a loving home that values them), ​​more than 100 abuse cases are handled annually including visit to homes, four times a year organizes events in communities that offers deworming, vaccination, cleaning, medical consultations, nutritional counseling and legal assistance in case of animal abuse, etc.

In the area of ​​education and awareness, maintains a beneficial relationship with universities for research in the area of ​​public and veterinary health, education for human and animal health, with institutions such as the University Francisco de Miranda in Coro in Falcon state and the Experimental University of the Western Plains (Unellez) in Acarigua-Araure in Portuguesa state and in turn, three or four groups of college students ranging from 7-20, in Law and Social Communication provide community service in our foundation each year, which serves as a liaison between them and the communities, relationship very beneficial from the point of public health and environmental sanitation in cities. It also dictates every year a course with a duration of 4 to 6 months to prepare staff in the veterinary medical area, with the participation of 20 high school graduates, which gives us great satisfaction as all those who have successfully finished the program, are currently working.

Along with other social movements and NGOs, carry out community work in the cities of Acarigua-Araure as the case of "Ama tu ciudad" (love your city) group and the campaign we are currently conducting "Ama tu ciudad, respeta la vida animal" (love your city, respect animal life).

In the legal area it has achieved the enactment of the ordinances of animal protection in the Páez and Araure municipalities of Portuguesa state in Venezuela, intervenes in around 100 cases of abuse that occurs annually and 24 animal husbandry and in the months of May and October, especially in the latter, during the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of ecologists and animals, various outreach of laws, public discussions, are made in addition to the legal assistance provided by our lawyers free upon request.

We count on your support to continue working for a better quality of life for all living beings and continue our medium-term goals such as the visit to slaughterhouses in order to humanise the killing and continue to raise awareness that every living being is a creature of God, they deserve respect as they also feel and suffer, therefore their quality of life is their right and we have to respect it. In addition we are currently raising funds for the completion of the second floor of our centre (to offer veterinary laboratory services, for storage, and living accommodation for a veterinary guard) and also require veterinatian medical equipments to operate the laboratory (hematology, chemical and ultrasound analyzer). If you want to help with our cause and project, please find below the different ways that you can support us.

¡FundaVidan counts with your support, thank you for being part of our goals and dreams, together we can do it!


"Every living being is a creature of God"       "We are the voice of those who do not speak"     "Join us to say what they cannot"

                      "Dare to say what they cannot say"               "We are your voice in the silence"                "We are the voice of those who suffer in silence"  "Let us be more animals like them"



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PayPal: fundavidan04@gmail.com


Account in Panama: Banesco Panama Account 201001362668 Yeisi Irama Amaro (this account is under the name of a trusted volunteer resident in Panama, as currently in Venezuela there is a currency exchange control in place and we cannot receive international transfers in a representative exchange rate. This account is for the exclusive use of the foundation.









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Acarigua - Venezuela

Calle 29 entre Av. 22 & 23. A media cuadra del CDI de Campo Lindo.

Acarigua Estado Portuguesa., Venezuela

Email: fundavidan04@gmail.com

Phone: +58 (0) 255-6640081 / 4144030 / (0) 414-3550157







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